Business Setup Services

Business Setup Service


Eager to open your doors, but don't have time to perform the tasks to get you there? Our expert Business Setup Specialists can complete your DoAvenue task list*, delivering status, reports, and complete professionalism along the way.

We recommend ordering a Half Hour Coaching / Consultation with a CEO before ordering this service to help evaluate the feasibility of your idea and plans before you have a Business Setup Specialists begin working on it.

* Specialists will complete all tasks (or portions of tasks) which are able to be performed remotely (which is the majority of tasks), and coordinate client involvement and approval, whenever the tasks can not be accomplished remotely.

Note: Tasks that involve setting up a website that needs custom functionality/development will be billed at $29.95/hour for the custom development portion ONLY. Business Setup Specialist will confirm with client about whether desired before beginning any such task.




REGULAR PRICE: 39.95/hr + $300 Setup/Interview *

SALE PRICE: $19.95/hr + $200 Setup/Interview *  
         -->Sale price valid through August 31, 2013.
         -->Orders placed by 8/31/2013 will reflect the sale price throughout life of the task list.

* Above rates do not reflect the costs that will need to be incurred for completing tasks (e.g., if the task is to "Register for a Trademark", the cost of registering for a trademark will still need to be incurred).


TO ORDER                                                              

To order this service, DO NOT CLICK "ADD TO CART". To order, select your preferred Business Setup Specialist through DoAvenue Service Central and "Request a Quote" directly from that person.